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Monsters Of RuneScape (Deck 1)


Ever wondered whether Nomad could outmuscle TzTok-Jad? Or speculated about the age of a Dragonkin? Look no further than RuneScape Top Trumps: Monsters - a card-battling game for two players or more.

Play with a friend and beat their score in one of five different categories to win their card. Aim for complete domination! Playing is simple: the cards are dealt between at least two players. The starting player reads aloud one of the statistics on their first card. Each player states the values of the same category on their first cards. The player with the best value wins all the cards and places them at the back of their deck. The next player then repeats the process with their next card.

30 RuneScape greats are playable in this deck, including: the mighty Queen Black Dragon; powerful necromancer Lucien; great axe-wielding Barrows brother Dharok; the insane Evil Chicken; and Vorago, the strongest monster in Gielinor.

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