RuneScape: The Fall of Hallowvale

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The second of 3 new novels from Titan Books.

“I owe you a battle-debt,” Rhea admitted, inclining her head and making the sign of the star.

“Something tells me you will have ample opportunity to return it soon enough, Wolf,” the winged warrior replied.

The city of Hallowvale has stood for centuries, a realm of light safeguarded by winged protectors and the Everlight. But all that will soon change. As the millennia-spanning God Wars grind towards their brutal conclusion, the armies of darkness descend upon the shining city - vampyres, werewolves, and legions of cruel mortal warriors, led by the cunning and malicious Lord Drakan.

The streets are filled with panic, but Queen Efaritay remains confident. Surely Saradomin, Lord of the Light, will save them? Their military will delay the foe until He arrives, the Queen has a secret weapon at her disposal and, if all else fails, the glow of the Everlight will stave off the blood-drinking vyre?

Can the knightly warriors defending Hallowvale stand firm, or will they be undone not by the wicked efforts of their foe, but by the faltering reign of their queen, Efaritay? And why has Drakan become obsessed with claiming Hallowvale for himself?

Faced with desperate choices, the queen adopts a risky strategy to turn the tide. Her choices will echo for eternity as the fate of Hallowvale teeters on the brink.

The novel will be penned by Robbie MacNiven, a sci-fi and fantasy author and a historian from the Scottish Highlands. Besides novels for franchises such as Warhammer 40,000 and Marvel's X-Men, he writes audio dramas, comic scripts, has worked on multiple digital games, and sometimes finds the time to pen non-fiction military history.

Published by Titan Books under license from Jagex Ltd.  Publish date 5th November 2024.

Language: English.  400 pages.  Paperback.   19.8 x 13 cm (8 x 5.13 inches)


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